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Children's toys

Toys has in recent years undergone a huge development. Including the advent of video game consoles, the word play got a whole new meaning. The wooden blocks and puzzles of the past seem to have completely disappeared from the scene. Yet, currently, wooden toys are again growing strongly. Several manufacturers are engaged in the development of wooden toys , both indoors and outdoors. There are, meanwhile obtaining numerous articles, the pirate ship to dollhouses and modern 3D puzzles to strollers. On this website you can find more information about wooden toys, its sustainability and some examples. Wooden toys Plastic play equipment has included the wooden top, the wooden pram and wooden jigsaw puzzles supplanted on the toy. Where toys earlier was made ​​of wood, it is the last few years especially plastic. Yet wooden toys still popular. It is sturdy, rough handling file against editing and good. In addition, playing with wooden toys numerous benefits. Educational toys Playing and learning is done with educational toys . Thus learning fun begins. Today, children are especially fascinated by computer games, television and the Internet. So it would not hurt if they are stimulated and challenged. Through educational toys, learning and playing very easy to combine. So you are sure that your child something rears his game and prepare him well for the school period. Durable toys Although plastic toys looks beautiful, faster destroyed. Where wood is a beating file, sometimes something breaks down plastic play material. As a parent you want your child to enjoy his or her toys. A good reason to look for durable toys , or toys that guaranteed lifetime and where children will also have fun with! Lucotoy set Visit us With lucotoys gives you only really of toys at home. The luco construction set kit stimulates yout toddlers children's imagination, creativity and technical capabilities. Lucotoys consists mainly of 4 basic blocks made of wood. With lucotoys children can build structures according to the book, but also according to their own ideas. ... zie ook voor houten blokken constructie set onze nederlandstalige website With plastic injection molding our company produces plastic parts and products based on our customer's specifications ( Custom made injection Moulding ) We also supply a wide range of standard parts in thermoplastics such as conveyors, roller conveyors for internal transport . For decades our company is distinguished by hundreds of loyal customers. Our strategy ? Together with the client we co-operate in a pragmatic smart solutions in plastic injection molding wit an eye for lowcost of the injection molding process, even in the case of small series , for example. IRPA does not only provide quality molds and plastic injection molding, but also knows what service means. Experience our commitment and expertise in thermoplastics by a personal acquaintance . For standard products in our range " Handling " you can also request a quote online . KIK for more than 40 years of tradition in Custom molding , molds for plastic injection molding products. Visit an injection mould maker china